Referee & Clubs Collaboration Workshops Kick Off

First workshop held last week!

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Last week, the Gibraltar FA’s Refereeing Department, led by Adrian Bacarisa, delivered the first in a series of workshops with club officials aimed at improving collaboration between clubs and refereeing and match officials.

These workshops, as well as improving the perception of Match Officials, are also focussing on establishing direct dialogue between Clubs and the Gibraltar FA’s Refereeing Department to ultimately develop understanding between all parties.

As part of the programme, the Gibraltar FA’s Refereeing Department will be delivering presentations on;

  • the development of our match officials;
  • the role of the observer and the process of appointing them to matches;
  • The scoring system applied to officials after matches;
  • the work being done on referee and match officials development and the role played by FIFA and UEFA experts;
  • working with other UEFA countries with exchange programmes and with the PGMOL in England to enhance further our referee development.

A key part of the programme is the invitation to clubs, ahead of each session to raise  of any refereeing decision that they want explained or discussed, so that there can be a productive discussion explaining the reasons for that particular refereeing decision.